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Security Grilles Bristol

About Security fit a wide range of security grilles in Bristol and across the South West. These are now very widely used to protect both domestic & commercial premises by securing windows doors and openings and providing a highly visible deterrent as well as an aesthetically pleasing design making them a popular choice.

The standard and most widely used colour of security grilles in Bristol and indeed across the country, is white, but other colours are available and specific colours are available on request. Retractable grilles are also sometimes referred to as concertina grilles, sliding grilles, trellis grilles, collapsible gates etc. They are ideal for ground floor, basement windows and doors where ventilation and security are required. The grilles are available in both single stack and double stack options with lift out or hinged up bottom track options. The low profile track allows ease of access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Multiple grilles over large areas and angled windows can be overcome with angled posts and couplings.
CX2 grilles carry the LCPB level 1 approval and also a Secure by Design and police preferred specification product, a standard recognised by most UK insurance companies.

We also offer Optigaurd Anti Vandal Screens which are discreet, fine mesh screens that can be fitted to the windows of high risk public buildings, providing high security whilst allowing maximum vision and light. Planning permission is generally not required when face-fixed, and the product comes in both perforated mesh and polycarbonate options. (see image in gallery above)

Fixed grilles in both welded bar sets and rotating bars are used to protect windows and openings with the option to have swinging gate style grilles fabricated for the added protection of doors and openings.

Main benefits of security grilles Bristol

  • Highly visible deterrent value
  • CX2 has been independently tested by LPCB to industry standard LPS 1175 Security Rating 1
  • Ventilation when closed with windows open
  • Single key to open multiple grilles when keyed alike
  • Very smooth operation
  • Produces neat compact stack sizes when folded open
  • Multi point hook locking system
  • Very little light loss through windows when grilles are closed
  • Low level bottom track
  • Face fix or reveal fix options
  • Hinged lift up and lift out floor track option
  • Hinged aside stack option available
  • Available in both single and double stack format
  • Access available through grilled windows to aid in the event of Fire Escape
  • Zinc plated steel with polyester powder coat paint finish
  • Generally no planning permission required if fitted internally